How long is a Hard Drive Life Span?

Hard Drive Life First of all, remember that a hard drive’s life is limited, all hard drives fail sooner on later. If your hard disk didn’t die in the first year, chances are that it will last for up to 6 years. The length of your hard drive will depend on wear and tear and how you handle it.

Prolong Your Hard Drive’s Life

There are no universal remedies guaranteeing 100% that your hard drive won’t fail. However, the tips below will help you to prolong your hard drive’s life and avoid the distressing experience of hard drive recovery.

  • Don’t keep your computer running around the clock if it is not really necessary (e.g., your laptop is

performing an important task). Set your hard disk to spin down when you computer is idle for a certain period. The point is that the bearings that enable the disk to spin is the part that undergoes the worst wear. That’s where the loud, unpleasant grinding sound comes from. However, the balance between keeping the computer on and shutting down regularly is very delicate. No need to shutdown every lunch time, that will do more harm than good because booting up and shutting down is the most “stressful” operation for your hard drive.

  • Scan and defrag your hard drive from time to time and keep your system optimized. That speeds up your computer, reduces hard drive wear and tear and, consequently, prolongs your hard drive life. In addition, having your files defragmented is far more advantageous from data file recovery viewpoint, if data loss occurs. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should defrag 24/7. Do it within reasonable limits only, remember that everything should be measured and balanced.
  • Don’t expose the hard drive to vibration, shaking, water, high temperatures, electric fields, electric damage. That is apparent.
  • Never remove the cover of your hard drive! The operation should be implemented only in special cleanrooms. If dust particles are caught between the head and the platters you can say farewell to your hard drive.

Tip of the Day

Alas, hard drive life length depends not only on how you handle it. Always backup important files.